Saturday, October 18, 2008

What is Cineblax?

Cineblax is a new company which is all about making and distributing Digital Films. We want to change the "Old Boys Network" which controls Hollywood. We/re tired of being told "No Chance" your movie or screenplay just doesn't have commercial value. The Digital Camcorder has come a long way in the last few years. Cameras like the Canon HV30 and the Panasonic DVX100 have provided the independent filmmaker with affordable tools that can make movies with production values that were impossible 5 years ago.

Below is a great example of what a talented young filmmaker can do with a $2000 camera. This movie trailer was shot by a guy named Ozan Biron. He shot this amazing piece of film on the weekends with really no budget. Just some friends who helped with the acting and crew. When Ozan first put this up on the net, the Digital Film making Forums went crazy with jealousy....stating that he couldn't have possibly made this with only a DVX100 and not even a depth of field adaptor. But in the end it was proven that yea......HE DID! Take a look, it is pretty amazing!

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Tom Conner said...

This is fuckin' awesome I wanna see the movie! When is it coming out?? Does this kid have a deal?? I wish I owned a movie company.. This is real talent.