Friday, May 15, 2009

American Star / The Next Great American Rock Movie?

American Star is a screenplay about a rock and roll dream that comes true. The problem is the screenwriter's dream of making the ultimate Rock and Roll Movie is a dream that is not coming true. Getting the right people to even know your screenplay exists, is nearly impossible. I have read 1000 websites about screenwriting and how to get your script into the right hands and have had absolutely zero success. Why is it so difficult to get someone in the industry to read your screenplay? I know the answer to that question of course...but with the internet, you would think there would be a better way to solicit your screenplay. Maybe someone can help me with finding the solution. I really believe that my movie could be the Great American Rock and Roll Movie. I just need the right person to understand what it is, I am trying to do. Any comments would be appreciated. The screenplay can be read at Celtx
Jarvy / May 15, 2009

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