Saturday, June 27, 2009

Murphy-Goode has ROBBED Martin Sargent

I recently came across a web cast called "This Week In Fun" A weekly show on Leo Laporte's TWIT Network. For some weird reason I have become addicted to this TWIF show....I think its just that the 2 crazy kids (well not really kids) Martin Sargent and Sara Lane are what the best of what Internet TV could be. They are loose and down to earth and never take themselves seriously. And the show is.....well...FUN. They both have a long resume of Internet Savvy Jobs, but Martin has basically been there since the beginning, working and hosting on TechTV, G4, USA Network, and Comedy Central. Most recently, he hosted Internet Superstar and Web Drifter for Revision3. Anyway Martin likes to talk about being unemployed and he recently came across in what in his words was "The Dream Job". It is a job at Murphy-Goode Winery as what they call a Social Media Wiz. Well let me just say that if that is what they are really looking for, there is no better candidate than Martin Sargent.
So here is what happened......Martin made an amazing video submission
and there were hundreds and hundreds of more votes posted for him than the next nearest competitor. But when these winery geniuses posted their top 50 candidates, guess what?? Martin was no where to be found. Murphy Goode says the #1 spot isn't GOODE enough to make the top 50 (see this Digg Link)
I guess Martin is just a little "TOO CUTTING EDGE"

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