Friday, November 4, 2011


I and many many other DV Geeks have waited and dreamed about this camera for longer than I want to admit. Just as their first Red One camera was scoffed and not believed in....before it was actually released, there were a lot of people who did not believe it would ever actually come to be. But RED has proved the non-believers wrong again. This beautiful piece of technology was released yesterday and will actually begin shipping on November 17th.......just 12 days from now.
The Red Scarlet has a 5K burst mode which can snap up to 12 fps with 4K reaching up to 30 fps. Red’s other option accessories and modules also allow you to configure your camera to adapt and fit every shoot.
Price for the Scarlet X brain plus a SSD is $9,750 £6,000 or €7,000). For a kit with controller and LCD the cost will be around $14,000 £8,700 or €10,000) depending on options. Shipping will commence on November 17th although these will require buying a version with a titanium PL mount for lenses.
Stay tuned for more info on this BABY!!

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