Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GH2 vs. Red Scarlet

I wish I could buy a Red Scarlet! But let's face facts......
even at 15K (with the needed accessories) I have about as much chance at getting one as I do a new Lamborghini.
"Straight off...... the camera the GH2 can look great, but the Scarlet holds up far better in post, where you are able to change pretty much any aspect of the image to a massive extent. This simply isn’t possible with DSLR footage.
In low light, the GH2 puts up a good fight. In fact from some tests I have seen the GH2 come out slightly on top in low light but the shadows are still more blocky. Grain however is very fine and helps to hide the blocking of the lows.
Colour is smoother and more natural on the Scarlet but artifacts (aliasing and moire) seem not noticeable on both cameras. It really is an impressively clean image from the down scaled 18MP NMOS sensor in the GH2.
The GH2′s image is punchy and baked in, and cannot be flattened as much as with the RAW video from the Scarlet, but David is doing another test with Smooth and -2 contrast to bring up the shadows a bit. All in all the GH2 puts up an incredible fight considering the massive price difference."

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