Thursday, December 20, 2012

Magic Christmas.....A BlackMagic That Is

The Blackmagic Cinema Camera took the  Digital Video World by storm this year.  It came out of nowhere and trampled over all the DLSRs! If you were to have told me even 1 year ago that I could buy a video camera that shot in 12 bit RAW with a 2.5K image sensor and wide 13 stops of dynamic range for 3000 dollars....I would of said "Oh SURE" wasn't  that called "Scarlet".  yes, RED did finally bring us the Scarlet....but with the accessories you still would shell our 15K plus.  Still am amazing camera for 15K, but then here comes the BMCC for a real 3K!  So I am asking Santa for a Blackmagic this Christmas and while I am dreaming maybe he could throw a Zeiss Prime CP.2 lens in his bag for me.
Well. a boy can dream...can't he?
Merry Christmas to all and thanks for coming by Cineblax this year!
Jarvy....Dec 21, 2012 

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