Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is iPad the Winner?

Now that we finally have seen the Apple iPad, tablet, slate, or whatever we are calling it you think Apple has done it again. When I was at CES, tablets were all the buzz. The thing is....we had tablets 7 years ago. I was using a 10 inch Panasonic mini laptop/tablet computer back in 2004. And it really turned out to be a novelty.....and at $2200.00. Can you believe how much we used to pay for computers? Anyway, my point being I think Apple has done it again and here is why. It's not just about the hardware, it's about being able to purchase something that you can actually use and having the app store and book store is a game changer. Along with the fact that you know that the user experience will be better than all the others put together. I say this because I believe that the iPhone's phenomenal success is based mostly on the fact that it is just plain easy to use. I have an iTouch, but never got an iPhone because I have been a Verizon user for many years and when my contract was finally up this past December, I had been planning to switch over to AT&T so I could finally have an iPhone! But when the time came, they released the Droid and I decided to stick with Verizon, because even though I knew it was not an iPhone, it was the the talk of the Gadget world in last November and I figured with all the bad things I had heard about AT&T's service, I should just stick with the number one provider and get the Droid. In the mean time, I also received a brand new Sprint Hero for my work phone. And I must admit, I have been impressed with both phones over the last 2 months. I can really say that I like the Android OS and they both have their high points. So I was feeling pretting good about my choice, when I picked up my iTouch for the first time in 2 or 3 months and as I surfed the web on my wifi at home......I was amazed all over again. The user experience on the iTouch is still 100% better than either of my new phones. The best way that I can explain it is....."IT JUST WORKS LIKE IT IS SUPPOSED TO WORK" The touch screen is so much better you are scrolling or swiping or is waaaaaay better than any other touch screen that I have ever used. So if they can do the same thing with this new product, then I think they will have nailed it again!!! let me know what you think......Jarvy

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