Saturday, February 13, 2010

Red Scarlet at CES

Ted from Red showed up at CES this year and stopped by some gadget geeks press suites to the show off the latest mock-up of the Red Scarlet. Red is the best at driving excitement for their upcoming cameras.....even when they continue to push release dates on these new products. The DV Film Making community has been buzzing about the upcoming Scarlet for almost 2 years. This is supposed to be the GAME CHANGER! A 3K Raw Camera at at $3000.00 base price. Doesn't seem even possible.....but Red has a track record. Their RED ONE Camera has changed both the professional and amateur DV camera market. Check out this clip of Ted showing of this Scarlet Prototype. Pretty Cool Stuff. I think I am gonna sell my I can get on the waiting list.
Jarvy 02-11-2010

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