Thursday, March 11, 2010


Cineblax is coming out of it's shell. We are reorganizing the company from top to bottom. Cineblax is now offering the public it's services. Whether you want to make a hard cover book, a music CD, or feature film, Cineblax will be there to help guide you through the creative process. We offer formatting and design for the publishing of your hard cover book. We offer to help you write your next screenplay. From just being there to critique and guide you to writing the whole screenplay with you providing only the idea. We will then direct and shoot your feature film and help you to pitch it to the right people. Our network of creative people is the "Key" to our success. That is what Cineblax is!! A network of all types of creative geniuses who are there to help the each other and the company to succeed. So please join our Cineblax family if you believe you have that burning desire to get your talent out to the world. Write to Cineblax and let us know what you have to contribute.

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