Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Panasonic GH2' and an Amazing Anamorphic Lens

Roberto Miller, writer and director shot his indie film, "Mandorla" with 2 Panasonic GH2's and a LOMO anamorphic lense and the results are amazing.  We talk a lot about technology and how it has affected the indie film maker's ability to make films that ascetically look like a Hollywood Production.  When talking about this subject, we always make sure to state that having great cameras at an affordable price is huge step forward, BUT the film maker still needs to have that MOST important ingredient called "Talent".  Well this Roberto Miller certainly appears to have talent, if the trailer is any indication. 
Check out this trailer. Remember.....he shot this with a GH2.  Yes, with also an amazing lens....but still, he used a $649 camera

Mandorla - working trailer - CA from Roberto Miller on Vimeo.

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