Saturday, January 19, 2013

Not Fad Away / Cineblax's First Movie Review

Here is my very first movie recommendation: GO SEE "NOT FADE AWAY"!

Finally a great movie about being in a rock and roll band.  Those of you who have followed my bog, know that I wrote a screenplay in 2009 about a kid in a rock and roll band that takes place in the early 70's when rock and roll decadence was still "politically correct".  I never got my screen play even read by the right people, let alone made into a movie.  So in some ways, seeing a movie about what happens when a group of young kids get together and make a rock kinda of disheartening.  Only because that magic that seems to happen when the band is really locked in and playing for an audience is what my movie was really about at it's core.  And Not Fade Away is about the same thing.  Life continues to happen all around you, but when you get on that stage and you have a real connection with the other band somehow are transported to another dimension.  Now this does not happen with every band.  in fact it happens pretty rarely.  But I was lucky enough to have played in band where this did happen.  And even more important, it actually was documented in a DVD and an Autobiography.  At the time it was happening, i don't know if I even realized how lucky I was.  But when I go back and listen to the records we made (30 years later...ouch!!) can hear it.  That is if you are really listening.
Check out this movie......if you LOVE ROCK AND ROLL.

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